Global Cloud Data-Container Management-System
Global Cloud Data-Container Management-System
Design & Style<br>for high recognition value
Design & Style
for high recognition value
Modular design and easy integration<br> in your business process
Modular design and easy integration
in your business process
Integration of Information<br>in your data-container around the world
Integration of Information
in your data-container around the world
High Performance Computing<br>for your growing needs
High Performance Computing
for your growing needs
Think in modern dimensions<br>because everything goes very fast
Think in modern dimensions
because everything goes very fast
Inspiration & Technology<br>secures your business
Inspiration & Technology
secures your business
Data Reports
Data Reports


Global Cloud-Data-Container Management System

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Global Cloud Data-Container Management-System.

Data retention, data enrichment, data lifecycle, versioning, data distribution, commenting, reporting.

«Unity-CS» is a robust and universal cloud data management tool. The data container and its contents are managed and processed.It allows the use of third-party tools to make a simple and easier postprocessing.


The various high-quality technologies are intended to help economic and securely interact with the data. Many functions are made of «Unity-CS » is a global Powerpack. The strength of the tool are the plainness of that GUI and the strong cloud Technologies from Amazon AWS.

In general, the Global Cloud Data Management System "Unity-CS" can be used with distribution management, data enrichment in many respects, versioning, determining the life cycle, commenting, distribution and archiving.


Projects can be created in the following regions of the world, thereby improving performance and improving work for companies at sub-companies in the work process.

(Ireland, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Oregon, Sydney, North California, North Virgina).

Privacy is of paramount importance. "Unity-CS" is designed to allow clients to be flexible, manage, and control the content, including where they are stored, how they are stored, and who has access to them. The data are encrypted by AWS (SSE) server side with AES-256 (one of the strongest block encryption).

Even if it is not in the forefront, any application today can only be as well developed as the technology on which you are running and its degree of applicability. Maintaining a self-understanding within millisecond data and providing highly complex functionalities highly scalable and smooth to the user requires a huge potential and range of know-how and infrastructure from many areas.


For this reason, you will find the basic information about the services of Amazon AWS, in order to show you the wide possibilities of cloud services AWS. Whether big or small, Cloud will probably be important to you, whether it's Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon AWS.

the application Unity-CS



Beautiful and highly modern application design.

Please visit our website UI Screen Gallery.


In any case, you will get a unique design with a high degree of recognition,
which will be highlighted by others.

Individual designs can be created via CSS, which are applied individually when logging on from the Rich Client. Company logos, startup images, back-end colors and definitions for the individual UI controls are possible.

The visual design enhances the degree of identification of the company / branch for the individual user and can also have a positive impact on presentations. In the case of multimandant applications, the degree of recognition can be distinguished by means of the product icon.

that could be an advantage!



Amazon Web Services AWS provides a wide range of global services, including computing, storage, database, analytics, application, and provisioning services that make businesses more agile, reduce IT costs, and scale applications.



With Unity-CS, strong service applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive or the comment tool WorkDocs can be used. The additional workflow optimization facilitate the daily requirements in data management "helper" to do with these high quality.


Unity-CS follows the cost model of "you pay what you need". Because AWS pricing is based on each service, you only pay for the services you actually use. No need to worry about dependencies, complex licensing, or termination fees.

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With Unity CS it is made easy to manage data regionally to make to Enrich and Precious. You only need their own Amazon Web Services account and you can use all the advantages of AWS your regional data, distributed throughout the world, data management.

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Cloud security at AWS is the top priority. All AWS customers benefit from a data center and network architecture that has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding organizations in terms of security.

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The master of their data! You can also retrieve data without Unity CS at any time. Data imports and exports are easy to handle. The database data can be easily exported in json format. The archive is available for administration. The easy handling in your own Amazon AWS account is guaranteed.


«Unity-CS development»

We create modules only for you. Do you want functions with added value? We create these for you. Depending on the roadmap we can implement their wishes.

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«Unity-CS & style und design»

You can add your own styles to the GUI. The inclusion of background images and colors, as well as its own products / branches icons declared in the data imports, determine the look. Individually, these can be used as Kategorie.-, Filiale.-, client icon.

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«Unity-CS und MongoDB»

MongoDB was built for scalability, performance and high availability. With Auto-sharding allows you MongoDB away the scaling of single-server installations to large, complex architectures across multiple data centers. MongoDB uses native caching and operates largely in the RAM, which means high performance for read and write operations alike. Built-in replication with automated fail-over protection provides enterprise-class reliability and operational flexibility. MongoDB also provides native, idiomatic drivers for all popular programming languages and frameworks, and thus allows smooth development.



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Global Cloud-Data-Container Management System

«Unity-CS» is a robust and universal cloud data management tool. The data container and its contents are managed and processed. The various high-quality technologies are intended to help economic and securely interact with the data. Many functions are made of «Unity-CS » is a global Powerpack. The strength of the tool are the plainness of that GUI and the strong cloud Technologies from Amazon AWS.







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